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Saturday, September 12, 2009

My dad and step-mom, Pappy and Nanna. Abby just loves all of her grandparents!
Maggie, Skye and Abby
Abby was at Skye's birthday swimming party. We had a blast. Thanks Tiffany for inviting us.
Mommy and Abby
We were at Bass Pro Shop (our favorite place to go) and Abby was trying on all the life jackets daddy was looking at.

Mamaw and Abby
My baby sissy and I had lots of fun making the homemade cookies. She got me with the icing when I wasn't looking.
All the kids were on a sugar high from all the cookies, sprinkles, and icing.

Mamaw and Abby...we let the kids decorate cookies with food coloring, sprinkles, and icing. I was cheap fun and the kids had a ball. We did this for a couple of hours and then it was time to eat our master pieces. That was the best part to me!!! She loves her Mamaw
All the kids in the pool. These pools were 75% off so they were very cheap...but fun!!
She was telling me, come on Mom I ready to go swim some more!Daddy decided to try the pools out first. Can u say rest and relaxation??

This is Poppy, the newest member of the family. When we told Abby we would not be getting a brother, she asked for a dog...She is so funny sometimes.
We went to my mom's last month and these are all my nieces with my mom and Abby. We had a Blast!!
We bought some kiddie pools and all the kids had so much fun. Abby was on her way to go swim.

As you can see, daddy put on his swimming suit to go play with the kids, so mommy and my sissy could go shopping.

All smiles and ready to swim!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

We went out of town for our 18th anniversary (June 15th) and stayed at the most wonderful hotel. We just went swimming and shopping the whole weekend. We had a blast. I can't believe I have been married to the love of my life for 18 years. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have such a loving husband and a precious daughter. Thank you God for blessing me the way you have.

She did this ALL day long. Our arms got tired before she did. LOL

My two most favorite people in the whole world.

Mommie and her baby girl.

Abby swimming in her new pool. Everytime she gets in she says she wants a big pool. When we play in the pool, it is daddy, mommie, and Abby in this little bitty pool. Lets just say there is not much room left to play. We so need a bigger pool.

This is our newest member of the family....Poppy. Abby kept asking for a puppy so of course we got her one. They just loves each other.

Just chillin on daddy's lap

We bar b q for Memorial Day. The girl loves to eat. We had asparagus, ribs, and fresh corn-on-the-cob. YUMMY!!!

This is one of the rides inside Gatti Town's game room. Abby wants to ride this all the time. She is such a dare devil and not afraid on anything.I think Da likes it too.

They even have bowling inside the game room and bumper cars, which Abby is not tall enough to ride and she gets so mad when the worker tells her she can't ride them.

Say cheese.....oh I mean lemon. You know a smile is always better with a lemon in your mouth. LOLWe went to a place called Gatti Town. It is a pizza place with a enormous game room. Everyday Abby is on green light at school (being good) she always comes home and asks to go to Gatti Town because she was on green light. She just cracks me up.
She is such a character and is always silly.

My familia. Oh how I just love them.

Such beauty. Her hair was finally growing back out but she wanted it cut again so last week we both went and got our hair cut SHORT and she just loves her hair short. Don't know why...could it be I always want to put it up in ponytails and bows.

Abby was is a program through school called KinderTOTs. She absolutely love doing this every week. The teacher comes to the school and works with the children for about an hour. They use a TOT sized ball and learns different tasks while playing music. It teaches the children colors, shapes, fine & gross motor skills all while having fun. Abby has learned to count to 6 in Spanish from doing this. Oops, come here you dang ball.

She was all to happy when she got her trophie.

She was showing Da (as she calls him) how she swirls her scarf.