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Friday, January 18, 2008

Abby and I drove almost 2 hours yesterday to spend the day with my dad, step-mom, and my older sister...Pappy, Nanna and Tanti. We had a great time. I don't live close to any of my family so I enjoy the time I do get to spend with them.
Pappy is playing with Abby's princess cell phone. I think he kinda liked all the sounds it made. Abby just loves her Pappy.
Abby loves her Nanna too!!! You can see Abby took her cell phone away from Pappy.
She loves her Tanti too. Actually, Abby usually don't meet anyone she doesn't like.
This was in the car when we left Nanna and Pappy's. She was so tired that she slept the whole 2 hours back home. It was a very quite and boring trip home. Can't wait to see them again. We can't wait to see Mamaw and Aunt Tisty too. My mom and little sister live about 6 hours away so we don't see them as much as I want to. We miss them sooooo much!!!

Abby was bouncing this ball and catching it. As you can see by the picture that my baby girl is left handed. Her daddy is so proud.....he is left handed too.
When she realized we were watching her she rolled on the floor and was so tickled.
Pappy and Nanna took us out to eat. You can tell Abby is a southern gal...she has a bar-b-q rib in her mouth, fried catfish, turnip greens, butter beans and mac n cheese on her plate. She is so little but can put away some groceries.
She is so silly. She just cracks me up sometimes.

This is my first baby I had before Miss Abby Grace joined us. Tiny was trying to sleep but I wanted to get a picture of him.
He doesn't know he is a dog.
Abby was sleeping too. My house was actually to quite. I was glad when she woke up.
Moma hearts this baby girl!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Abby and I spent the day with my bestest friend, Ruthie, that I graduated nursing school with. We had the best time together just laughing and catching up. Abby hearts Ruthie!!
You can tell Ruthie don't have children yet. This is her baby in his bed. Too cute!
Daddy and this deer can face to face when the deer decided he wanted to ride in the truck too. Billy was driving on a very busy highway in the middle of the day making a delivery for work when all of a sudden this deer was air-born and hit the truck on the driver's side and flew up and hit the windshield. Billy was upset and nervous but ok. He had to go to the doctor for glass in his eyes, hands and feet. As you can see by the picture, Billy is over being upset and is smiling because he is getting this 10 point buck mounted. It was a great deer but a bad way to kill it.

Abby was watching Dora and dancing to the songs.
Lots of love for this baby girl!

By this point she was tired of smiling for the camera. All she wanted to do was watch Dora.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oh, I finally found my cell phone. So now I will take your picture.
Moma that is enough pictures. I don't feel good and I am tired of smiling!
Abby and her daddy went out to eat and moma had a girl's night out with Aunt Re. This was only the third time to go out without Abby. I missed her so much but I have to say I had a great time. I didn't get home until midnight. Thanks Aunt Re for a night out that was well over due. Let's do it again soon!!
My sweet baby girl.

I have this box to put away some things but as you can see it is Abby's new toy. She played in this box for about 2 hours.
Abby looks like she is trying to do CPR on her baby doll. Who knows what is really going through that mind of hers.
Now where is that dang cell phone?
Oh, never mind about the cell phone. I will just smile for the camera.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Abby was dancing being soooo silly!!!
I love this baby girl with all my heart. She is the sunshine in my day. Thank you God for allowing me to be her mommy.

Abby and I were just playing around the house having a good time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

She went down this slide 100 times. That is all she wanted to do.
Until daddy found the tire swing.
They both were dizzy when they got off this. Abby was laughing so hard that she couldn't even hold on anymore.
I just love this picture.
I just wanted to take a picture of Abby eating her favorite food...Salad. Yeah, that's right a salad. With grilled chicken, tomatoes, black olives croutons, cheese and Blue cheese dressing. Her most favorite food is tomatoes. She will eat all of hers and begs for her daddy's (because Moma don't eat them).

We are on our way to the park to play. It is Jan. and we are in shorts. The temp here is 75. I can't believe it is so warm this time of year.

This girl is not afraid of anything. She climbs and slides down all by herself. Daddy just wanted to be in this picture. As you can tell by now Moma is never in any of the pictures. Why you ask? Because I am the one always taking them. HA! HA!!
She is nothing but a monkey.

Abby decided to take my picture with her phone instead of singing into it.
And then she wanted me to take her picture. She is such a camera hog.
See I told you so. She wanted to get up close and personal.
You see that pink purse on the floor beside her. That has to go everywhere she goes. The first thing she says when she wakes up in the morning is purse.
She is putting her baby doll nite-nite. You can see my other baby in this picture. His name is Tiny. He doesn't come around Abby much because she chases him around and he doesn't like that at all!!!