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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We were getting ready to go to watch our church softball team practice. Billy wants to play but has to wait until his shoulder heals from the surgery. But we still went to support the team and Abby just LOVES any kind of ball.
Abby was cheesing for the camera and showing off her new Dora hat.
This baby girl is my whole world. She is just a little spoiled (as you can tell by everything in her room. I know she is going to be my only child and I want her to have everything I can give her.
Look at my beautiful smile!!!
My shirt says it all.....Princess!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and prayers during my surgery. The doctor could not fix the problems I am having with my heart during the surgery yesterday. So now I am on heart medicine twice a day to try and control the symptoms I am having. The doctor said we would have to go back in and try the surgery again another day. I was on that hard table for 4 hours for nothing. I was awake during the whole surgery so I felt everything that was going on. The doctor could not put me to sleep because it would also put my heart to sleep. I will keep you posted if and when I have to have this darn surgery again. Thanks again for all your comments and get well wishes!! Lisa, thanks for the shout out and prayers and your blog. Love you girly!!

Hugs to all,


Abby could not go to daycare today because she was up all night sick...fever, cough and stuffy nose. I wanted a day to rest but I had to take care of my baby girl.
She is just chilling out on the couch watching Dora.
She may be sick but she can still smile for the camera.
My precious angel baby who is my whole world.

This is another outfit Aunt Re gave Abby. Thanks Aunt Re we love the clothes!!
Look at Abby's foot. She is posing for the camera. She is such a princess. We were on our way to church but I just had to take some pictures because she was just too cute.
She is acting like she is sucking on a bottle which she hasn't done in over a year.
As you can tell from this picture....Abby LOVES her some Dora.

This is an outfit Aunt Re bought Abby for Valentine's Day. I am just a little behind posting it.
Abby is pointing to her Dora shoes.
Abby is so silly. She is tickling herself.
So SWEET!!!!
I love this little angel of mine.