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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I finally have posted a ton of random pictures going all the way back to Christmas last year. Sorry it has been so long since I posted but I stay so busy with work (I am a Nursing Instructor so I always have to prepare for my lectures and grade papers), school ( I am back in school to advance my education) and raising a 3 year old. I seem to never have enough time for anything. Well, I am do homework right now but decided to add all these pictures. Make sure you scroll all the way down. There are probably 50 new pics of us. Thanks for stopping by. Abby and her cousin Jamie. This is the week of spring break so we went and visited family.

My sweet baby girl is getting so big. She is actually playing soccer and loves it!
All the coaches say that Abby is a natural. She is so good and running and kicking the ball to the goal. I am such a proud moma.

We were at a friend's b-day party

Sweet but sassy!

She always wants to help out in the kitchen.

Can't you just see the excitement in her face.

This was New Year's Eve. We were outside watching fireworks and Abby and her cousin Ben-Ben would say Awesome everytime a firework would go into the sky.
She was so tired and kept saying picka me up please

Papaw and Abby Christmas morning
Abby with her new latino baby doll (that took me forever to find) Mya.

What a beautiful, innocent smile

This is what Santa brought Abby.

She just woke up and daddy was saying come look what Santa brought you, but she could care less at that moment. It was way to early for me and her.

We were at the Christmas parade and she was waiting for Santa.

Moma and her baby girl

This is my youngest sister's three girls and my oldest sister's middle child (the oldest one in the picture). They were hanging out and having so much fun.

Don't you just love the fake smiles

Pure sweetness