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Monday, October 13, 2008

Watch out everyone...children on the lose with a pinata stick.

The pinata was a big hit with the kids of all ages. We had such a blast this year for Abby's birthday.
This is Abby's cousin, Benjamin.
Swing 2 for Abby.
None of the children could bust it so I finally just opened the bottom and let them have at it.
Abby was all in the middle of the candy and toys.

Happy BIrthday!!!!

We are so blessed to have so many people that love Abby almost as much as I do. She had lots of family and friends at the park for her birthday party and gots lots of great gifts too!
Daddy checking out all the cool presents Abby was opening.
She got a slide phone (just like mine) from her Tante (aka my older sister) and her children. Abby loved having a phone like mine.
She got lots of Dora stuff.
This was the last present and boy was she wiped out.

Birthday girl

Abby wanted a Dora and Diego birthday. This cake was so beautiful.
Abby was tired and worn out before the party even began. All the children kept trying to see the cake but Abby was being such a butt. All she kept saying was NO MINE!!
We all blewn out the candles as a family. I still am in awe that this is my child. I am so blessed to call this baby girl mine.
I don't know what she was doing here. It looks like she was trying to smile but not really.
Abby loves ears. If you look at any of the pictures where we are holding her she is playing we our ears. She is the funniest child ever.


Happy birthday sweet angel of mine. The Lord sent you to me and I am so thankful everyday. I still can't believe you are my child. I love to hear you call me Moma (over and over again). I am so blessed to have you in my life. You make Daddy and me the happiest parents in the world. Today we celebrate your 3rd birthday. I love you baby girl.

Abby loves to feed all the animals at the petting zoo.
She was trying to feed the potbelly pigs, smile for the camera, and look at all the other animals all at the same time.
She rode on this pony all by herself. This darn pony kept falling asleep walking aroun in circles. It was so tired and the girl in charge kept telling it to wake up.
Abby was like no more pictures woman..lets just get the horse moving.
Feeding the billy goats.

State Fair..we had a blast!

We had just arrived at the MS State Fair. Abby was all smiles.
She loves to ride all the rides (some even by herself). She is growing up way too fast.
She is in the lel-low truck (yellow truck).
She and daddy are riding the Dooby Doo (Scooby Doo) Mystery Machine.
Way up in the air

Playing around the house

Abby is so silly and makes my life just so much fun. She is trying to strike a pose..without smiling.
She is acting like she is pouting. All I can say is that she is such a HAM!
Can you say all smiles?
She is trying to be serious again. She kept saying moma I watching re-re (TV).
Ok I will smile so this crazy woman will leave me alone, dang it.
That smile just lights up my life.

More pics from Nanna and Pappy's

My older sister and her three children came to visit us at nanna and pappy's house. This is Fancy (the middle baby) holding Abby.
This is Kayla (the oldest) with Abby. Kayla is 6 months pregnant....and it is a GIRL!
This is Mason (of course, the youngest). Abby loves to play with Mason so much.
Abby gets so excited when she gets to play with this dust pan and broom set.
I guess she is OCD like her mom and dad. Poor thing she gets it honest.

Playing at Nanna and Pappy's

Introducing "Miss Hollywood" AKA....Abby
Abby and Nanna
Abby and Pappy
She is trying to smile and watch tv at the same time.
Abby just loves to visit Pappy and Nanna. She always get this broom and dustpan (you can see by all the duct tape on the handles that she plays a little too rough with it) and plays for hours.

Daddy's Birthday in September (just a little late posting)

We went out to eat for Daddy's birthday in Sept. We all had a blast. They sang happy birthday to Billy and Abby got embarrassed and tried to hide behind me.
Happy Birthday honey. You are the best dad ever!!
She thinks she is a model I guess.
This is the chocolate cake they brought out and boy was it good!!!
Family Portrait...say CHEESE

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More pics of the birthday party. I started it on the last post but decided to add more pics.This is my daddy.....AKA Pappy
This is my step-mom.....AKA Nanna
One of the many balloons Abby got from the clown.
Abby with the birthday girl..Skye.
This is my step-mom's sister....AKA Aunt Debbie

We went to a birthday party and it was a circus theme. Abby had so much fun. She didn't like the clown at first but once she realized he wasn't going to get her she wouldn't leave him alone.
The tu-tu is what the birthday girl was wearing. Everyone decided they would put in own their heads instead. Abby loved it!!
All smiles.
This was the 100th tatoo and balloon animal he made for Abby. She literally would get in line and get one then go back and stand in line again.