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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moma, but I don't want to!!!
My sweet baby girl not getting her way
I am talented. I can cry and smile at the same time.
I am all better now that my moma fixed me something to eat.
Soooooo good.
You can see by the picture that Abby is left handed.
Her daddy is glad because he is left handed too.

All smiles!!
Mom, I am too busy to look at the camera
Ok, if you insist......cheese
Hey Nanta (that is how Abby says Santa)!

Monday, December 3, 2007

We were trying to get some pictures to send out as Christmas cards
My two favorite people in the world
Such a cute and happy family.
She is the best blessing that has ever happened to me.
I wish my hair would look that cute in a pony tail.
Abby doing something she knows she is not suppose to do - mess with the ornaments on the tree. I had to take the picture first. She said moma look. To innocent that I couldn't even fuss at her. I am the luckiest Moma ever!!

Christmas parade 2007 - It was sooo cold!
Just hanging out waiting for the parade to start.
Abby was waiting for Santa. That is all she cared about.
how cute!

Chillin out watching some tv
this is what happens when I get out the camera to take her picture. She loves to have her picture taken.
Posing again!
Snuggle time with Daddy

Daddy lil girl
One happy family
Thanksgiving 2007
Abby, Fancy and Mason (2 of my sister's children)

My older sister, Amy, Mason, Fancy and Abby

Abby had so much fun playing with everyone!!

That is my sister's husband, Joby, trying not to be in the picture.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moma take more pictures of me
When you get out a camera, Abby is all smiles.
Abby wants her picture taken but she just can't keep her eyes off watching Dora.
She loves to ride "Dog Dog" in her stroller
"Little Miss Thing"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Daddy and Abby at the Ag museum for the Harvest festival.
The pig wanted in the picture too.
Abby was in a costume contest and was a Pumpkin Princess.
Of course, she was one of the winners.
too cute!!

Cutie pie!!
Abby on her bike. Of course, it is Dora.
Moma, please take my picture again.
playing with her Dora chef doll and her Build-A-Bear "Dog Dog"
Dora has to go everywhere with us, even outside to feed the animals.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Oct. 2007
She fell and hit her chin. She is very clumsy.
Sooo precious!!

Abby getting ready to go to the State Fair.

She loved feeding the animals.

Abby and Daddy
She did not want to get off this horse. She just wanted to keep riding and riding.