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Friday, May 23, 2008

This is just about my favorite picture of Abby. She looks so happy. I am glad to see her smiling at this again. She stayed sick for so long. I just pray the surgery and medicine will finally get her to feeling better. She lights up a room with that smile!
She is watching Wonder pets. If anyone knows the song on that show you will know what I am talking about. I can sing to Abby....What's gonna work?.....and Abby says Teamwork (weenwoke)
It is just too cute to hear her sing that.
Abby loves to show off her tight abs. I wish mine looked like that. No chance of that happening in this life time.
If you read my earlier posts then you know we are starting the adoption process again. We are looking at domestic and international this time. We are trying to prepare Abby for a brother so it will not be such a shock to her. In this picture, she is saying Bubby. I think that will be his nickname from her.
She loves to play with her wallet and credit cards. She has to take them out of her purse and tries to count them and puts them back in her wallet. That purse has to go every where with us. She is already such a DIVA!!

This is Abby telling me no to taking her picture while she is getting her antibiotic. She does NOT like to look at her PICC line or for that matter anyone looking at it. I have to flush it 2x a day and she gets her medicine 1x a day. It is a struggle to get her to let me touch it some days. We have a week and a half still to go. I am ready for it to be taken out and so is she.
As you can tell, she is pulling her arm away not wanting me to take a picture of it. But after taking the pic I would show her what she looked like and then she would let me take some.
This is a close up of the PICC line in her arm. It is held in place with a stitch on each side. I know it can't feel good constantly pulling on her skin. She has been a real trooper about having this in her arm. I just hate that she has it over Memorial day weekend. We usually get invited to 2 swimming parties. What a bummer for all of us!! Maybe we will still go and let her put her feet in the water. My poor baby girl.
She doesn't mind showing it as long as it is wrapped up.
This is my other child. His name is Tiny Boy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today is our Forever Family Day!!! We have had Abby for 2 year now and let me just say that the time has flown by. She is our whole world and the light of our life. I thank God and her birthmom everyday for the precious gift of being Abby's Mommy.

This was our first family picture. It was taken in Antigua, Guatemala.

We love this baby girl so much!!

Happy Forever Family Day my sweet angel baby.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is my sweet baby girl not even 24 hour post-op. It is amazing to me how much faster children bounce back than adults do. Other than the PICC line in her arm, you would never know she had any kind of surgery. Yesterday she was fussy and tired all day but her day started at 6am this morning. No rest for Mommy. I guess she caught up on her sleep yesterday. She is holding up her arm to show everyone her PICC line.
As you can see, she doesn't want to use that arm a whole lot. She acts like it is broken and has a cast on it. She just wants everyone sympathy (which she is getting alot of).
You can see the tip of the PICC line in her arm. This PICC line is a special type of IV that can stay in the arm for a while. It goes under the skin in a vein and ends at the tip of her heart. It is a long catheter that is used for this type of IV. I was a PICC trained nurse and put these in adults for about 2 years. I know what is involved in putting in one so it made me nervous about putting one in Abby's arm. Sometimes it is not good being a nurse and knowing what all is involved. It can scare you half to death. But as you can see, she is much better today.
Please continue to pray for Abby that the surgery was a success and that the IV medicine will do the trick so my sweety can get better. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to you know that Abby did fine with her surgery. She had some problems keeping up her oxygen level at first but it did better once she kinda woke up some. She has been fussy and only wants her Mommy to hold her and that's ok with me. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We love our blog family.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I need to tell you about two things that are going on in our lives right now.

1. Abby really needs your prayers. She has been so sick for a while now with a sinus infection that will not let up. Well, she has been on medicine for over a month now and no better at all. As you know, she started allergy shots about 3 weeks ago for a deathly allergy to fire ants. Her allergy doctor referred us back to Abby's ENT for evaluation of her sinuses. The ENT ordered a CT scan of her sinuses (which by the way, was a horrible experience for her). The CT was not good. She is having surgery this Friday 16th. The doctor is going to remove her adenoids, clean out her sinuses and culture what he removes, and also place a PICC line in her arm to come home on 2-3 weeks of IV medications. A PICC line is a type of IV that can stay in the arm for longer periods of time and the patient can go home with it. I was trained to put in PICC lines on adults so I know what all is involved in doing the procedure and that scares me to death. I just pray that this will finally help her. She is not even 3 and this will be her third surgery. I know she is tired all having to do all of this just like Mommy is. But I will do whatever it takes to get my baby girl better. She is at home today from daycare because she is running 102 fever. I know it is from her sinuses. Please pray with me to let this help her to get better.

2. In the midst of all that is going on with Abby, my husband and I are starting up the adoption process again. We are paperwork ready for Guatemala but did not make the 12/31/07 deadline. We are talking with several agencies about other Latin American adoptions like from Peru, Columbia, El Salvador or Ecuador. We really wanted our son to be from Guatemala but with all the stuff going on over there, I don't see that as a possibility. But we really want a son and that is why we are exploring other countries. If anyone has any information on these countries or adoption agencies please email me at ruffruffx3@yahoo.com . Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Prayer in numbers really help. I hope to be able to blog more often because I will home for the next several weeks. I will keep you updated on Abby and the adoption. Please visit our blog and tell others about us.

God Bless,

Anyone who has seen this blog before knows that Abby LOVES to model. She is modeling her new outfit we got her for our family reunion. I think she has a future in this career. What do you think? Looks like a tornado hit her room but she was having too much fun.
Modeling some more. TOO CUTE for words.
She was getting tired of all the pictures. She just wanted to play and watch Dora.

Mommy's precious angel baby. I may be a little partial, but isn't she just beautiful?

This was one Sunday morning before church. Abby is smiling because she knew she was caught. I told her not to get out her baby and toys that morning because we were kinda in a hurry (as we always seem to be). But I saw how cute and sweet it was so I decided to take some pictures. My reason for living!
Can't you just eat those cheeks up???
My sweet, beautiful angel. She is my whole world and I am so blessed to be her Mommy.
This is her BIG CHEEZY SMILE!!!

Abby has gotten into watching Dora and Diego in her room. This is how I walked in to find her one day. She just amazes me with all the new things she does on a daily basis. My precious little one who is not so little anymore.
She is acting like she is eating this plastic banana.
To busy looking at the tv to smile for Mommy.